Bloomery Decor x Loomwell wallpaper collab

Bloomery Decor's collaboration with Loomwell introduces a wallpaper collection drawing inspiration from rustic florals and the cozy charm of cottage life. This fusion of nature-inspired designs and rustic aesthetics aims to bring the serenity of rural life to contemporary interiors. Delicate floral motifs evoke nostalgia for simpler times, while vintage influences infuse warmth and whimsy. The result is a collection that transforms living spaces into tranquil retreats, celebrating the timeless beauty of nature in a modern context.

Signature designs for wallpaper, interior textiles & home decor accessories

Infused with a luxe vintage style, Bloomery Decor creates alluring designs to bring inspiration and joy into your home. Our collections are sustainably crafted on demand with global partners. Discover a retailer in your area here:


With an innate love to create, I've had the pleasure to design a great variety of fashion and home decor collections over the last two decades. 

In 2018 I embarked on an excited journey and founded Bloomery Decor,  following my dream to create a sustainable design brand. 
Based between the ocean and the iconic city of Delft, I find endless inspiration in the nature and architecture of my surroundings. Translating these ideas into an ever growing range of hand-painted and digital artworks, it's my wish to bring a positive impact into your everyday life with Bloomery Decor's signature designs.


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Deeply committed to sustainability and connections, Bloomery Decor proudly collaborates with selected partners across the globe to bring you high quality & swiftly shipped products, crafted with respect for people and planet.

Design collaborations & Features

Bloomery Decor X Loomwell

Bloomery Decor X IXXI

Bloomery Decor at Blue Print Show

Bloomery Decor x YFS

Bloomery Decor X Natty and Polly

Bloomery Decor at Blue Print Show

The Sicilian Radiance collection

Bloomery Decor X Happywall


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